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Cottage Project and Milestones

House of Turkey’s desire to build its own cottage has been an ongoing effort since 2004. After years of consistent effort, hard work and collaboration with nine other houses, we have overcome several obstacles and reached important milestones.

The Long Range Planning Committee

In early 2009, 11 Houses came together and formed a Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) within HPR. Nine of the 11 Houses agreed to pursue, collectively organize, and collaborate to amend the current “Balboa Park Precise Plan”. The new amended plan has called for the addition of 5 duplex cottages to house the 9 countries. The 9 countries that are pursuing the proposed plan are:

  1. House of Turkey
  2. House of Philippines
  3. House of India
  4. House of Mexico
  5. House of Panama
  6. House of Peru
  7. House of Palestine


Working Together with Estrada Land Planning

The LRPC retained the services of Estrada Land Planning (ELP) to amend the Precise Plan. Between 2010 and 2011, great progress was achieved, however, due to numerous controversial construction issues in Balboa Park (such as Plaza de Panama project), the planning effort for the new cottages was further delayed.

During that time, LPRC continued to hold meetings with City Council Members and the Mayor’s office to keep alive the strong desire to build these new cottages.

Approval from Balboa Park Committee

Finally in 2013, we requested ELP to submit the agreed upon plan for the 9 houses to Balboa Park Committee (BPC) for approval. Since ELP is a private company, houses had to sign a contract to have their planning service delivered at cost.

The planning and construction process required review and approval from multiple entities, which we have been completed in the past couple of months

Major Milestone!

These entities including;

– San Diego Parks & Recreation Department

– City of San Diego Planning Commission

– Historical Resource Board